Submit the artwork you believe is a great work. We are in seek of new findings in art.

You can submit as many as 10 artworks per month and we suggest submitting as much as possible.

Even if there is only 1 participant in the contest, the contest will still be held. If there is not a lot of people, it might be a chance to win.

Currently reward will be given in the form of Amazon gift card. We use gift card for reward because we can send it to anyone in the world.

We may change the form of reward in the future (e.g. Paypal or wire transfer to your bank account). We intend to increase the number of winners as well.

Your reward will be delivered to your inbox within a month after the Judges’ final decision.

Absolutely. All the submitted works are reviewed and judged fairly.

Yes, they are all human.

New ideas, rediscovering old artworks, new art concepts, originality.

All kinds of artwork are accepted however, we are accepting only URL links of the image.
Applicants cannot upload a file of image. Submit only URL links.

All kinds of themes and media are accepted. What you believe as art is the actual art.

Abstract, figurative artwork should be followed by a description of the work.

No. It is okay if the artwork is not your own as this is a curator contest as long as the artist agrees on applying to the contest. And the applicant has to have a consent from the artist.

We aim to be a milestone in the history of art.

Making the art curation contest available to the general public, we expect to encounter new art works or rediscover the old ones.

We firmly believe that we can promote talented artist around the globe. We reach out to a potential talent to enrich our gallery. We aim to hold a gallery in a physical space.

We organize the contests following the typical call of art in Japan.

Reference: http://www.art-annual.jp/news-exhibition/news/70972/ , https://www.artolympia.jp/entry.html

The fulfillment of the plan has been confirmed by Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan on March 25th, 2020.

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