Accepting artwork

It covers all the visual artwork data on the internet which you believe is a work of art.
Accepting artwork has to be an URL link.
Applicants cannot send physical artwork or upload data.
Any form of media or theme is accepted.
An URL link that cannot be seen on general web browser is invalid.
If multiple people send a same artwork, only first applicant’s artwork is accepted.
To keep the judging process to be fair, judges’ family, relatives, and friends cannot apply to the contest.


No restriction


Please find the reference here.

Result of judgement

Will be posted on the Gallery website.

Purchase of artwork

We may contact you for purchasing your artwork if the artwork is your own piece and significant one.
Please write a description about your work at submission.



Gallery Shian Director Shian (Designer, Researcher of fine arts)
Guest Jurors (Professor, artist, etc.)
Gallery staff

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